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Why do Schools Choose PayBack Book/App each year to raise money? Its simple...
Unlike most other fundraising products....candy, cookie dough, gift wrap...where parents buy them more out of obligation than actual need - the PayBack Book/App lives up to its name.... it pays parents back for supporting their school. For just $20, parents are able to save money at places they actually WANT to visit - restaurants, grocery stores, movies, retail stores near their home! PayBack Book/App is the fundraiser where parents actually THANK their child's school for doing the fundraiser.


"Our school uses the PayBack Book/App as our main fundraiser to start the year off. It's the fundraiser that decides how much money our PTO will have to help the teachers and kids for the year. We could not be more happy with the results we've gotten! Ted makes this such an easy process and we make more money than we have with any other major fundraiser that we've done in the past. Plus the parent volunteers are happy that we no longer have to spend 3 days trying to sort through and distributing all the items and prizes to our kids! It's also the one fundraiser that we get almost 100% parent satisfaction from too! We can't say enough good things about this fundraising experience!"